• Every staff member is issued with a material face mask that must always be worn.
  • Kerston Foods has provided each employee with the necessary equipment to combat the spread of Covid-19 for example face masks and hand sanitizer
  • Every staff member is instructed keep at least 2 meters away from one another.
  • No customers are permitted to enter the premises.
  • Hand sanitizer is made available to be used by anyone entering and exiting the premises.
  • No delivery person shall be allowed to enter the premises. Deliveries will be signed in at the door.
  • Social distancing procedures must be adopted while taking deliveries.
  • A compliance officer has been appointed to ensure that all regulations set out in the policy and in this document as well as the regulations set out by government are adhered to.
  • Employees showing any symptoms of Covid-19 are asked to stay home until a negative Covid-19 test can be provided.
  • All staff are screened daily for any symptoms. Attendance record will be held daily.
  • Bathroom facilities must be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Only a limited number of employees allowed in the canteen at a time, only 4 to sit and have a break in the canteen at a time, sit on marked areas keeping 1.5 meters apart.
  • Movement between departments is limited, communication to be done on email and telephone. Only when necessary but maintaining distance.
  • Only permitted staff to be in the receiving areas, no supplier to enter the premises
  • Specific equipment and work tools will be allocated for the use of certain individuals and / teams only. No sharing of equipment, the individual/ teams assigned to any equipment must sanitize their working tools and equipment frequently.
  • All equipment and workstations must be disinfected before work begins and after use.
  • All high-risk areas are visibly labelled for staff to be extra cautious, to sanitize hands before and after use.
  • Staff are requested to keep their masks safe and clean; company has provided soap for staff to wash their masks with.